Continuous Spanner

The only pin spanner with 360° degree bi-directional ratcheting.

Continuous Spanner Ring Render Continuous Spanner Body Render Continuous Spanner Body Render

Bi-directional Ratcheting

Easily complete rotations without repositioning the spanner or reaching around. Efficiency in restricted spaces, on benches, or when the use of a safety cable is required is dramatically increased.

Home Key System

Activate the home key system with the selector knob to easily align the ratchet ring and spanner body for installation or removal.

Modular Handle System

Change handles to meet the specific needs of your application. The double-wedge-lock design allows easy changeout without compromising tool rigidity.

Multiple Integral Engagement Options

Standard engagements options are machined directly into the ratchet ring for maximum strength and durability. Special and custom engagements are also available.

All Metal Construction

The anodized aluminum body, 17-4 ratchet ring, Zn-Ni plated alloy steel ratchet components, and stainless hardware create a tool which is lightweight, corrosion resistant, and robust.

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Improve Safety and Efficiency

Save Time

  • Ratcheting capability allows rapid full 360° rotations without repositioning
  • Switch torque direction without moving the tool
  • Easily lock the spanner in place by positioning the ratchet ring opposite the handle

Improve Ergonomics

  • Eliminate reaching around and bending over to preform full rotations
  • Consistently apply torque in safe and high strength body positions

Simplify Safety Cable Use

  • Ratcheting capability removes the need to repeatedly wrap or reposition
  • Increase compliance reducing drop and fishing risk

Work Efficiently in Restricted Spaces

  • Easily work on benches, low v-blocks, or short stands eliminating lifts and reducing potential energy risks
  • Alignment between the pin and handle simplifies installation and reduces required space
  • Fine pitch ratchet maximizes useful motion in even the tightest spaces

Quickly Achieve a Positive Return on Investment

Save Rig Time

  • In most rig based operations positive ROI is achieved in <90 saved minutes
  • In offshore operations positive ROI is usually reached in <15 saved minutes

Save Maintenance Time

  • Give your maintenance team more time for value added tasks by saving time opening and closing tools
  • Lock the continuous spanner on a tool to fix the rotation or allow easy rotational positioning
  • Avoid having to move or reposition tools for spanner access

Avoid Costly Fishing

  • Lack of safety cable use in open hole operations can lead to expensive fishing operations
  • Simplified safety cable use increases policy compliance and reduces dropped tool fishing risk

Rig time savings to positive ROI values are based on incremental cost for a quantity 1 purchase of a standard Continuous Spanner and Q3 2018 rig rate data from Daheel, IHS, and Transocean.


Standard Sizes

225 Series

2-1/8 in (54.0 mm)

338 Series

3-1/8 in (79.4 mm)
3-3/8 in (85.7 mm)

500 Series

4-1/2 in (114.3 mm)
4-3/4 in (120.7 mm)

Diameter Clearance

Nominal + minimum

0.010 in
0.25 mm



Anodized aluminum

Ratchet Ring

17-4 stainless steel

Ratchet Components

Zn-Ni coated alloy steel

External Hardware

Stainless steel

Ratchet Pitch

225 Series

~ 2.9°

338 Series

~ 2.0°

500 Series

~ 1.4°

Pin Diameter

225 Series Standard

0.18 in
4.6 mm

225 Series Large

0.24 in
6.1 mm

338 Series Standard

0.24 in
6.1 mm

338 Series Large

0.35 in
8.9 mm

500 Series

0.35 in
8.9 mm

Pin Length

All Series Full

0.185 in
4.7 mm

All Series Short

0.110 in
2.8 mm

Handle Length (Rotation Axis to Tip)

225 Series

9-3/8 in
238 mm

338 Series

9-3/4 in
248 mm

500 Series

10-7/8 in
276 mm

Handle Hole Diameter

All Series

0.50 in
12.7 mm


225 Series
(configuration dependent)

1.4-1.5 lb
0.6-0.7 kg

338 Series
(configuration dependent)

1.5-1.7 lb
0.7-0.8 kg

500 Series
(configuration dependent)

2.7-2.9 lb
1.2-1.3 kg